Children and Young People's Counselling

with Relate Cambridge

Counselling and Therapeutic Support for Children aged 5-12 years and Young people 13-18 years

We offer support to children and young people who are adversely affected by traumatic life circumstances, including family change or breakdown, loss or bereavement, or other social or environmental difficulties with which they feel they require additional help.

Intended Outcomes
Clients will recognise their own abilities to cope with disruptions which may occur in their home life. Clients will experience the counsellor as validating their feelings, and enabling them to tell their story in whatever medium works best for them. Clients will be able to both recognise and draw strength from their own resources, abilities and creativity in order to live more fully and contentedly within the appropriate age and stage of their development.

The Process
One-to-one counselling, offering opportunities for the Client to express and narrate his/her personal and relational experiences.

Talking, drawing, acting, clay or sand formation, dance, or any other creative means of expression and intervention can be used within the children’s sessions.

Service Access
Children and young people will be able to refer themselves for the service with formal consent from parents or carers. Additionally, clients may be referred into the service by others, but their agreement will be sought at the earliest convenience. Parents/carers or professional staff may facilitate the referral process.

Please call 0302 347866 to book an appointment.