Complaints Procedure

at Relate Cambridge


Stage 1


At Relate Cambridge we want to hear people’s views on our services. It helps us to learn, improve and provide the services that you want.  Please tell us if you are unhappy with our service in any way.  We will endeavour to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

To make a complaint, please contact the Centre Director. You will find their contact details at the bottom of the page.  Many complaints can be resolved in a straightforward way via a telephone call or email to the Centre Director or to the Chair of Trustees, if your complaint involves the Centre Director.  If you have taken this step and are still not satisfied, you may wish to take things further. You can do this by using our Complaint Procedure which is outlined below.


Stage 2


1. Making a complaint

Please put your complaint in writing and send or email it to the Director or the Chair of Trustees at the address below.

In order to help us resolve your issue, please explain what it is you are complaining about and give as much detail as you can, including times, dates and places, the person you are complaining about and the date of your complaint.

If you are complaining about a person, they will be given a copy of your complaint. We will not give them your contact details.

2. Acknowledging your complaint

The Director will write to you and confirm that they have received your complaint.

3. Investigating your complaint

The Director is responsible for handling your complaint and making sure there is a full investigation.

4. Responding to your complaint

The Director will write to you within eight weeks of your complaint telling you the result of the investigation. They will tell you whether your complaint has been upheld or not. The letter will also let you know where you can appeal if you are not satisfied.


Stage 3


How to appeal

If your complaint is not upheld and you are unhappy with the outcome of the investigation you are entitled to appeal. The letter about the result of your complaint will tell you who to send your appeal to.


You can withdraw your complaint at any time. Please write to the person handling your complaint.



Centre Director:

Claire Godward

3 Brooklands Avenue

Cambridge CB2 8BB

01302 347710