Family Counselling

with Relate Cambridge


Family Counselling is a service for anyone you define as your family - be it your family of origin or your family of choice  This could be any group of people who describe themselves as a family, which could be parents, siblings, blended families, or extended family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Available at:

  • Cambridge

  • Eaton Socon

  • Huntingdon

  • Peterborough

  • Stamford

  • Wisbech

Relate Counsellors understand that all families are unique and deal with their problems differently.  Your counsellor will not tell you what to do, or take sides, but instead will explore your interpersonal relationships and will work effectively with you to deal with your problems.  All counsellors are highly trained and experienced with helping families to deal with their problems effectively.

You do not have to be married or civil partnered to receive this service.

Issues families bring to counselling includes:


  • Parents and children who struggle to communicate effectively.

  • Parents whose different ideas and practices around parenting cause friction in the couple and family relationships.

  • Adult siblings who have unresolved issues affecting their relationships.

  • Children / young people who are struggling with sibling or other significant relationships.

  • Blended families coping with bringing together differences in discipline and expectations into a ‘new’ family.

  • Family members who are recovering from the influence of any form of domestic violence or abuse in the past which continues to affect their lives and relationships.