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April 2021 Let's Talk The Joy Of Later Life Sex
March 2021 Coping with bereavement this Mother's Day
July 2020 Relationship week
February 2020 How to nurture your relationship without breaking the bank this Valentine's Day
January 2020 2020 Relationship hopes revealed
March 2019 Relationship Talk in Schools
February 2019

Valentine's Day Statistics

November 2018

Christmas cards designed by counsellor raise funds for Relate Cambridge

September 2018 September sees couples at breaking point as many seek counselling
July 2018 Relate Cambridge welcomes new ambassadors on board
June 2018 Relate Cambridge is tackling loneliness
May 2018 What is Sex Addiction?
April 2018 Arrival of the third royal baby - How to survive the jump to three children with your relationship intact?

Spring clean your relationship
March 2018 Relate Cambridge receives Huntingdonshire District Council Community Chest funding

Mother's Day tips for single mums
February 2018 Tips on Finding Time for Your Relationship


Press and PR Relate Cambridge is available to comment on local or national stories on relationship issues or give interviews on topics such as:

  • Coping with the family holiday 
  • Being part of a step-family
  • How to handle teenagers
  • Thinking about having a baby
  • How to have productive arguments

Contact Elaine Taylor 01302347712.