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Who is Relate for?

Our services are available to anyone who might benefit from them, regardless of age, race, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or social background. Click on the name of each type of counselling to find out more.

Relationship counselling

Our main form of counselling. We can provide counselling for you and your partner or for you on your own. You do not have to be married or civil partnered to use our services. We can help if you are having difficulties and want to work them out, if you want to separate, or even if your relationship has ended.

Sex therapy

Psychosexual therapy is very successful for many couples who are experiencing sexual difficulties, providing they have a steady relationship and ideally attend the sessions together. You do not have to be married or civil partnered.
Sex Addiction therapy We offer individual therapy for the treatment of sex addiction and sexually compulsive behaviour.

Family counselling

Family Counselling is a service for anyone you define as your family.  With you we would hope to find the strengths in your family life, as well as preferred ways of interacting which will build on those strengths. Where there are challenges, we believe that it is in the way families interact, rather than the ways individuals behave, which is the most helpful focus of change.
Children's and young
people's counselling
We offer support to children (5-12 years) and young people (13-18 years) who are adversely affected by traumatic life circumstances, including family change or breakdown, loss or bereavement, or other social or environmental difficulties with which they feel they require additional help.
Relate4Parents This service is open to any parent who just needs a bit of help, advice and support, regardless of whether : you are living with your children, are a single parent, a step-parent, are separating, or are a separated parent. The only criteria is that you are able to focus on the needs of your child and collaborate to improve your relationship with them.
Armed Forces
funded sessions
We offer funded sessions for the RAF, Royal Navy, and Royal Marines personnel, their partners and families.  For more information on what we can offer please click here
Telephone and Skype
Relationship counselling for couples or individuals over the telephone or Skype (an online video conferencing programme).

Life skills courses


We offer life skills training for organisations (private, statutory or voluntary) and for couples (e.g. pre commitment/marriage/civil partnership sessions). We can also provide speakers on a wide range of relationship issues.

MOTs MOTs are a new service as of 2013. These are one-off sessions which are designed to help you build new life skills. The sessions can focus on topics like relationship skills, confidence building and managing conflict.
Business Solutions We offer a range of coaching, training and counselling service packages tailored to aiding businesses in improving their employees' mental wellbeing and ability to fulfil their full potential.

Code of ethics

All practitioners abide by the code of ethics of: