Relate Cambridge is delighted to announce details of our exciting CPD programme. This is a unique opportunity for practitioners both within Relate, and also for those working independently or for other organisations, to benefit from our varied programme. Our trainers offer a huge range of experience and expertise.


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Friday, 12th Oct 2018

10am - 4pm


Led by Ellie Thomas

Counselling for Non-Counsellors
This is a one day intensive course for those engaged in a helping or supporting role privately or professionally. Led by our highly qualified Relate counsellor.

The purpose of the course is to offer a framework and some of the skills necessary in helping others.

With over 70 years’ experience in couple counselling Relate is in a prime position to be able to offer basic Counselling Skills Training to those who wish to use these skills in their work and home life.

Saturday, 3rd Nov 2018

10am - 4pm


Led by Gail Thorne

Understanding controlling and coercive behaviour

This course is aimed at counsellors and covers the following:

- The new law governing coercive and controlling behaviour in intimate relationships, including forced marriage, so called “honour based” violence, stalking and harassment;

- The psychological impact of coercive and controlling behaviour in intimate relationships;

- Identifying this pattern of behaviour;

- Identifying the risk factors indicating the potential for serious harm to or murder of clients in coercive and controlling relationships;

- Identifying next steps for counsellors to take to safeguard vulnerable clients;

- The role of the other agencies that will actively safeguard victims.